Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Special guest post.

Someone else on another board posted this. He generously let me lift it from the board. He gets a big THANK YOU from me.

My support for Trump is stronger than it has ever been at any point in history. This is what I posted in the other thread: 

I don't understand the purse swinging and I don't understand the doubt.   

The Obama Regime was one of the most secretive, corrupt, underhanded group of hardline leftist psychopathic cronies. Do you really find it all that hard to believe that they bugged Trump Tower? I think it would be one of the less shocking scandals of their reign. It would certainly be less shocking that ordering gun dealers to sell 1,000+ AKMs to known cartel gun runners in hopes of creating a catastrophic story that would sway public opinion toward undermining the Second Amendment. It would certainly be less shocking than using the IRS to persecute political opponents. It would certainly be less shocking than destroying evidence in both the Fast & Furious and Lois Lerner scandals. It would certainly be less shocking than using an internet video as a scape goat to cover for terrorists who attacked a US embassy and killed four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya. I would certainly be less shocking than using taxpayer money and American political operatives to interfere in the Israeli elections. Why is it so hard to believe that Obama bugged Trump Tower?   

Don't you people see what is going on here? Donald Trump was elected President on the platform of fixing the disaster that is Obamacare, securing our southern border, ending these multilateral trade deals that are killing American jobs and cutting taxes. This would undo all of the destructive anti-American leftist "progress" which was accomplished under President Zero's regime, and the leftist scoundrels simply can't have Americans less dependent on government, while the power and scope of the welfare state is diminished. The people opposing Trump; the Fifth Column leftist media, Charles Schummer and all of his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party, the Deep State bureaucrats and the corrupt elites profiting from the enslavement of America simply can't have the Trump Agenda move forward. Making America Great Again would simply ruin all of their horrible plans.   

Why would any patriot not get behind President Trump and demand the scalps of these anti-American rats? 

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