Friday, March 24, 2017

More government wonderfulness (not!)

I just got a shipment in of two dozen Old School 100 watt bulbs which I can use.

Needless to say the tree huggers are going to babble that I am ruining the entire planet but as usual they don't think.

The have two choices. I can either use a single 100 watt bulb as a heater to keep my plumbing from freezing in the winter or I can use a 1300 watt heater. Pick one.

The other use I have for Old School lights is by my reloading bench. My powder scale is magnetically dampened and florescent and LEDs can effect it. Powder scales are nothing to fool with.

Anyway I ought to be good to go for a while.

Between light bulbs and gas cans the government can screw up almost everything it touches. About the only thing they seem to have done right is make the P-38 can opener. 

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