Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yesterday's adventure in getting rid of paint has dragged on.

I still have it and can not seem to figure out how to get rid of it easily or inexpensively.

Mrs Pic says she can get rid of it through our trash service but it is going to wind up being a circus. Apparently they wil have to send out all sortss of special packaging.

It is stuff like this that actually causes a lot of illegal behavior. I know I could have ditched it somewhere and be done with it. I am loathe to do stuff like this for a couple of reasons. First it is wrong. Secondly getting caught would be costly and there is no shortage of little hippis stoolies out there. These stoolies would rat on a person for the same thing they would do if push came to shove.

Thhe system actually causes a lot of illegal behavior because they make things like this difficult. I'd bet that even all but the most die hard earth mama would ditch something like old paint if they were stuck with it.

Along the same lines a woman that was one serious King-Hell animal advocate moved to Florida and woke up to find an alligator on her front porch. Her attitude was "Get rid of it and I don't care how!" There's a lot of that going around when you think about it. Everyone seems to want to tell everyone else how to live. Nobody likes being told how to live, though.

The woman, who was both a tree hugger and gun control advocate pulled out a pistol and shot the hapless animal. After all, it was HER front porch. Had it been someone else's her attitude would likely have been different.

I suppose it would be one thing if the trash companies made it easy and had, for example, a monthly opportunity to get rid of stuff like unused paint.

I have figured out how to get rid of stuff like old unused brake fluid, transmission fluid and the like. You dump it in with your drain oil and take it to the oil recycling place. I actually have a guy that burns drain oil for heat in the winter. Don't add anti-freeze, paint or anything that will not burn though.

Paint is another category altogether.

The part that makes me wonder is that wee are talking about plain, ordinary latex/water based paint.

As time passes and the list of things that are hard to get rid of grows and the places to get rid of this stuff dwindles it looks like the human race is going to bury itself in its own rubbish.

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  1. Doesn't that back fence need a couple of dozen coats of paint?

    Or donate it to the graffiti control group in the area.