Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There is a story about mean old American Airlines

enforcing a rule and angering a special snowflake.

What happened is the Snowflake got a complimentary flight with the stipulation she conform to the dress code set up my American. To put it simply, she got a freebie. All she had to do to qualify is dress accordingly.

Of course she didn't dress accordingly. American refused to let her fly and the Social Justice Warriors are up in arms.

My guess is that as a result of this American will rethink their policy and stop issuing complimentary passes, although I may be wrong.

In short this little snowflake probably made something good go away. Companies often do this. When a freebie starts to cause them grief they simply eliminate it.

Actually what the employees ought to do for the little snowflake is throw a party to show their appreciation for ruining somethng for everyone else. A nice little party involving a GI blanket, boot socks and padlocks.

That is what people who ruin things for everyone else deserve. 

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