Thursday, March 2, 2017

I decided to stop drinking for a while

because I have been stressed out lately for reasons I won't get into.

The first step was to go out and buy a fresh bottle of bourbon. I have done this and it remains unopened except for a couple of snorts that were poured for a neighbor.

I bought this so I would not run out.

It is one thing to stop doing something because you want to stop doing it.

It is another thing entirely to stop doing something because you ran out.

For that same reason there is a pack of Camels in the freezer as I go into my 4th smoke free month.

When the stressful part of the year passes I may resume having a drink here and there but I will not until the stressful period passes and I can relax with it instead of using it TO relax.

When in doubt, face things head on.

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