Monday, March 20, 2017

One of the things that drives me nuts is

Trying to get something simple from people that claim they will get you an instant quote.

You fill out things and they start asking for too much information.

It takes more time to do this on the computer than it does over the phone and what's worse is they seem to have a few hidden charges.

I always ask for an Out the Door price and usually I get it but not always. If they quote me an out the door price I generally request they email it to me and then I print it up and bring it with me.

If they email me the price it's generally good because they know that I can simply show them a copy of the email. I have only had one person over the years try and squirm his way out of it and I wound up getting him crucified with his sales manager.

Doing business over the internet is a bit more of a pain because you really can't nail a single person down and it takes forever because everyone wants you to join their little club and be a member. This means that for the rest of your life you get pestered with emails.

An example is buying a car. You buy one and then for the next forever the dealer pesters you with wanting to sell you another. 


I am not a member of the Car of the Month Club. Mine generally last me for 10 or 15 years. 

Trying to get a quote on a service is ridiculous, too.

It is insane. Say you want a house moved. You just want some idea of what it will cost. You jump through the hops and get your quote and for the next forever you get pestered.

When are you going to move your house again?

I suppose the next time someone comes along and makes an offer I can't refuse over the lot my house is sitting on. They act like it happens all the time.

I won't get into the supermarket and other store card game. Everyplace asks you if you have their card. If I had everyone's cards my wallet would be four feet thick.

"Do you have a card with us?" asks the clerk.

I generally put on my most serious face and reply, "No. I have been through a 12 step re-hab-bill-a-tay-shun program and have been card-free for four years now."

If they are sharp they outright laugh. If not they look at me wondering. 


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