Monday, March 6, 2017

My wife drives

school bus and has for years. She likes the kids and enjoys it. That job would drive me nuts but that's another story.

What I wonder about is being a member of the Secret Service assigened to the first Family. The Trumps have a ten year old son and I wonder if he likes to hunt an fish.

Being assigned to him could probably be a pretty good deal I do know that Donald Jr and Eric, both of Trump's sons do hunt and fish.

"Hi, Honey. How was work?"

"Pretty good, dear. I nailed a white tail with one of the Trump older sons early this morning. Later after school I took his youngest out chasing squirrels. Next month it's Alaska for a week of fishing and then South Dakota for a pheasant hunt." 

Sounds like from time to time it could be pretty good duty.

On the other hand, I sure would not want to be assigned to a president with a daughter. The sleep overs and girly stuff would drive me stark staring bonkers.

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