Friday, March 17, 2017

I have been told this is an Irish thing but it really isn't.

I saw a picture of Melania Trump talking to Barron and promptly lifted it and took it to the meme generator.

Good mothers tell their sons to wear clean underwear in case they have an accident and have to go to the hospital.

I posted it on one of the sites of Melania Trump admirers. Most people got a chuckle but there was one (as usual) that took offense.

She tried to bitch me out with a lack of success.

I asked her what tarpaper shack she grew up in because if her mother never told her to wear clean underwear then she didn't come from a very good family. If she gets into an accident and the doctors see she isn't wearing clean underwear the doctors are not going to try very hard to save her.

I got a harrumph out of her and a lot of other people got a pretty good laugh.

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