Sunday, June 13, 2010

The cop that came by the other day

drove past the house yesterday.

I was still weeding on the hill.

Weeding is one of those 'chip at it between putting out fires' type of jobs, so the hill wasn't finished. It still isn't as I write. There's about an hour left and I will get to it if the rain holds off today.

Anyway, the cop that came a couple of days ago when some idiotic neighbor called him was driving by, saw me still weeding so he stopped.

With a grin, he asked me if I had found any land mines.

I had found an old jar when I was digging in the hill side. The jar had a key in it when I found it, which is really a fairly common find, as homeowners often did, and sometimes still do bury an entry key somewhere outside in case they find they have locked themselves out.

I held up the jar.

"Almost had to call you. For a second here, I thought this one was a Bouncing Betty."

"Glad to see you're keeping the neighborhood safe," he replied warmly.

Then with a smile, he rolled uup the window and drove off.

Now a lot of guys would be annoyed by having a contact with a cop like that, but I wasn't in the least. Some guys would want to make some kind of issue over nothing more than a good cop trying to maintain open communication with the citizenry.

It's good to have a local cop with a sense of humor that understands you. Having someone else in your corner is always a good thing.


Edited to add:

I posted the above while I was starting my morning coffee and before I even poured a cup, I put on an old pair of pants as I have a somewhat dirty day ahead of me.

After I had posted the above, I grabbed my cuppa joe and headed outside where I discovered that I had to keep pulling my pants up lest they actually fall off of me.

I looked at them and noted the size was a lot bigger than I am now and that I must have bought them when I was fat.

All I have to say about this is that it feels pretty damned good being able to fit into pants I wore in my twenties at the age of 58.

Instead of being aggravated with a pair of pants falling down, I am elated.

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