Sunday, June 20, 2010

I wonder what I am going to write about for today’s daily.

I know, lets talk about rumors.

Today at one of the places I deliver to, one of the people I deal with made a comment that he had heard a rumor about such and such.

I discounted it instantly, as I am an old salt that has spent most of his life listening to such truck.

I get tired of hearing how someone’s wife had a girlfriend who had a college roommate that met a guy that had a cousin that met a guy in a bar that heard from the bartender that overheard a customer say that they knew someone that had a friend that…Whatever.

That gets pretty old fast.

Over the years I am grateful that I have made a lot of friends in various places, both at work and otherwise so that I don’t have to pay much mind to Rumor Control.

When something starts making the rounds, I generally make a phone call and get the skinny on things right off the bat.

It makes for better communications and fewer disappointments. It also lets a person know what they are up against and generally makes life a lot easier.

A place where I used to work was run entirely by Rumor Control. I have seen people do some pretty dopey things because of unfounded rumors.

One former co-worker went into the office convinced by Rumor Control that he was getting a pay cut and quit right then and there.

Smooth move, Ex-Lax. We got a raise about a week later. It took the moron months to find work, and he suffered because he was afraid to ask someone to confirm or deny a simple workplace rumor.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a phone call and go straight to the horse’s mouth.

It often keeps you from looking like the other end of the horse.

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