Friday, June 11, 2010

I now have a pickle suit, which makes me happy.

An Internet friend sent me a package that arriived yeaterday.

In it was a pickle suit, and it fit me like a glove.

Back in the day I was a soldier, the fatigue (work) uniform was a lot different than it is today. It consisted of a pair of heavy cotton olive green pants with 4 patch pockets and a matching shirt with two pockets.

We used to starch them heavily for in-garrison wear, and not starch them for field wear. When they were not starched and came fresh out of the wash, they were pretty wrinkly. That's where the term pickle suit came from.

You looked like a pickle when you wore it. (Or at least so said some)

Anyway, I asked around on an internet forum and someone said they could drum one up somewhere. A couple of weeks later, Lo and Behold! A package arrived!

I know where it came from, and I'm grateful to the person. Over the past few years I have been the recipient of his generosity. He's a surplus dealer.

He is also a part time soldier, too. I sent him a message in a bottle when he was in Afghanistan and it got to him in about 35 days, which was cool.

When Tokie, by beloved cat died, he was there with a set of dogtags for the little guys box of ashes. Tokie will be buried with me eventually.

Some time ago I was reminded that the table setting was dated he came through and sent me a set of GI canteen cups and stainless steel GI trays which I used to make a sarcastic statement.

zxdujnm,lp/' (excuse me, cat on the keyboard)

His generosity to me has been exceptional and I am grateful.

It is good having a pickle suit and I will have to get a 4th ID patch and a name tag for it, and I am good to go. I think I will wear it to Camp Perry this August and I think I will be buried in it when my time comes.

There are a lot of good people out there and I am grateful for them.

If you let them, they overcome for the jerks we meet daily.


Double post today.

Yesterrday 3 threes came down in my front yard. I took them out myself.

We're getting ready for a new roof and they were dumping tree fallings on the roof and also keeping the sun from drying things out. There is a mossy patch on the roof because of the shade they produced.

When I started dropping the trees I noticed that the trash guys had not shown up as scheduled and that they seemed to be running behind so I decided to bust my ass and get the job done before they arrived.

I did, and sure enough, they crammed all three trees into the truck and hauled them away. I gave them a little something for their troubles and it was another win/win deal for both of us.

Of course, the idiot down the street was galled when the trash guys left the building materiels she tried to get them to haul away and she griped again to Neighbor Bob.

Bob reminded her that she was the one that had made life miserable for the trash guys several times over the years, whereas I had made life good for them over the years.

I'd like to give the guys some beer or something, but I won't, as it would endanger their jobs. Mere posession of any alcohol, even it it was not opened, would constitute a firing offense and it's not worth the chance.

Bob says he knows where both of them live, so maybe a drop off is in order.

You have to take care of a valuable asset like the trash guys.

Good ones are hard to come by.

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