Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are getting close to the dock

and my relief is supposed to be there.

This is good and soon I will begin the trek home which begins with a spiffy airplane ride.

I used to love to fly, but since 9-11 I hate it because of all of the security stuff, most of which is a joke and an inconvenience. I have heard all kinds of tales of people that have accidentally left something in their bags only to find it AFTER they got home, meaning the whatever got past security.

A relative of mine told me her friend accidentally got through with a box of .45 ammo.

If course, they always want to seem to take your nail clippers away and make sure you are not carrying deodorant, which means you have to buy more when you land.

I suppose this means we can use this as an opportunity to make a business because when a smoker lands, someone on the ground with a lighter could probably sell lights for a buck apiece.

Anyway, when I land it is then time for me to go to pick up my truck and drive for about 6 hours or so and arrive home fried.

I'll catch up on missed posts in the next day or two.

Later, Pic.

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