Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's with the Kardashians? Why are they so damned


I have seen they have this show about keeping up with them.

Yeah, sure, they are attractive, but what do they do, anyway?

It reminds me of the fascination the world seemed to have with Paris Hilton, who is another person I have never heard of doing anything useful with her life. I heard that Hilton was getting $20K just for showing up at someone's party.

I have always wondered why some gang from the Hole in the Wall Trailer park, complete with 7 dilapidated school buses didn't pool their money they made from the trailer park meth lab and invite ol Paris to attend their party. Maybe get Jerry Springer to record it for posterity.

People snorting meth and running around smoking dope and drinking moonshine and all that fun stuff, and there is Paris right in the middle of it, dressed to the nines among the bib overalls.

Flies buzzing around the picnic table, landing in the barbecue sauce. The whole deal.

Let's make thst little spoiled brat EARN her money.

Now that Paris isn't heard of much these days, the Kardashians have popped up to replace her.

I don't think they do anything useful, either.

They fit right in there with people that don't do anything worthwhile.

In my opinion they are really worse than Brother Jesse and Al. Although I don't like either of them very much, at least they are constantly being a pain in the ass and that at least counts for SOMEHING even if all it is is to annoy the hell out of me and make things worse than they are. In their favor, at least Al and Jesse don't bore me.

The Kardashians don't even annoy me, they just bore me to tears.

I fail to see what the public fascination is with them.

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