Saturday, June 5, 2010

The oil spill is a national disgrace

and I do not mean the spill itself, which, in itself, is nothing short of being a colossal ecological disaister.

OK, something happened and there is a pipe a mile down and oil is spewing out. I could have predicted that eventually someone involved in offshore drilling at some time was going to FUBAR somehow.

I know every expert promised the public that a screwup of this magnatude could never happen because of all of the wonderful technology, but you have to remember that this program was brought to you by the same people that brought you the RMS Titanic and a host of other engineering disaisters throughout the years.

The disgrace I am speaking of is not the oil spill itself, but the way everyone has started to raise hell over everything and is carrying on.

The blame game is going on at a pretty good clip, threats out there of a Justice Department investigation are running at flank speed and everyone is getting in the way with their favotite plan to handle the mess.

One imbicile of a senator wants the whole affair turned over to the military, which is about the worst thing I can see happening because there is nobody involved that needs killing and there is nothing more that needs breaking, unless you include a lot of of politicians heads. Hmmm....Maybe putting the military to work ins't ALL that bad of an idea. If the military cracks a few skulls, maybe the experts can get back to work doing what they are supposed to do, which is stop the flow of oil in the first place.

The disgrace of the spill isn't in the spill itself, it's the feeding frenzy the media is running on it along with the conduct of out elected officials.

President Obama is carrying on, making counterproductive threats to BP about how they are going to have to pay for everything he can think of, various public figures are running off at the keyboard and the mouth and talking about something they don't even understand, much less know how to cure.

What should be happening now is that everyone should listen to the old saw they had posted at Fort Sill when I was sent there many years ago: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

I have yet to see any of ut leaders capable of taking charge of a mile-deep-in-the-ocean pipe capping job, I see none of them on the beaches getting dirty cleaning things up. All I see them do is babble about this and that and get in the way.

Let's get the flow of oil stopped first. We have decades left to assign blame and make the guilty pay.

The lawyers need not worry, there's enough to go around and there will be no shortage of clients. There's no hurry.

Let's just get the flow stopped and start cleaning up.

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