Monday, June 14, 2010

I do not have a PayPal account and I am not getting

one either,

The reason for that is that the PayPal people put restrictions on what a person can and can not buy on the account.

It is my money and I will buy what I see fit.

I drive a manual transmission because I want my vehicle in whatever gear I want it in and NOT what some damned machine tells me IT wants to be in.

Now, this is the BIG goat getter and that is a sales person that keeps trying to sell me what THEY want to sell me and not what I want to buy. Generally, this does not end well as I have been thrown out of a number of places over the years for announcing just that. I generally do this in a rather loud, angry voice.

On the other hand, I am the easiest and fastest customer a person ever had to deal with if they simply understand the rules. Simply get me what I want and I will cheerfully pay for it.

After all, it is my money and I will spend it any damned way I want.

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  1. Let's play PayPal.
    You send me money, i send you an email i got it.

    I wonder how they became a bank and are still one, despite them randomly freezing and keeping money.