Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes one of my sisters makes me laugh

The otherr night she told me about having to get some yard work done and she needed help.

She found a guy that had recently gotten out of jail after cooling his heels for about 18 months for his 4th DUI, which ia a pretty big thing in the state she lives in.

Seems the guy had just gotten out oof the cooler and had found a job but was going through the 'we hold back the first week's pay' deal and he needed some fast cash for gasoline and grub.

Now, the guy seems to be basically honest because at least he is trying to work to get back on his feet so she followed her instincts and gave him a break and hired him.

He worked like a dog and did her a real good job and was overjoyed when Sis gave him a little extra money for his hard effort.

It was a win/win deal because he make a little money to get back on his feet and get back into society and Sis got the good feeling that she was helping someone help themselves.

Sis followed her instincts, was kind to a person that wanted an opportunity to help themselves and got a lot of things done for a fair price.

Of course, Sis isn't totally stupid, either.

She did have the good sense to keep the LadySmith handy just in case her instincts failed her.

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