Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today will be a day of travel, as I have to

drum up a little scratch.

I am off to spin the wheels of industry for a while.

I am hoping it will be a quiet trip across the Commonwealth.


One of the things that I think will be done upon my arrival home will be a roofing job,which is fine by me.

I got the OK from Mrs Piccolo to do what I want there and it is going to be interesting.

I think I mentioned that all exposed flashing is going to be copper, which will tarnish nicely over the years.

I am also going to take a foot wide piece of flashing and bend it lengthwise and use it as a ridge cap. There is a reason for this. The north face of the roof doesn't get as much sunlight as the south face does and as a result it gets a little moldy.

Every so often I have to climb the roof and clean the mold off with bleach and then hose it down.

If I put copper on the roof, it will oxidize and then as it rains, small amounts of copper oxide will mix with the rain water and run down the roof. Mold doesn't care for copper oxide very much, so the roof ought to stay clean.

Besides, I love the look of weathering copper.

The big thing I am going to have to do for a few weeks is guard it until it turns brown and fits in with the roof. Copper thieves are getting pretty common these days and new coppper looks like molten gold in the sunlight. After a couple of weeks, though, it turns brown and won't show up like a sore thumb so I ought to be OK.

It's goinng to be pretty expensive, though.

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