Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new combat laptop is getting set up today..

I was at work and saw a deal I could not refuse on a refurbished Itronix Gobook, $209 plus shipping. It's not a new laptop and I'm sure I could have gotten a lot more technology for the money, but I did not buy it for technology,

I bought it because it is downright tough.

It's only a 1.7 gig processor, and a 40 gig hard drive with 512 RAM, but the thing is supposed to be able to land on concrete from 1 meter and still be able to work.

This is a far cry from most laptops that are likely to bite the dust after being carelessly tossed onto a bed or couch.

My research tells me that the Itronix seems to be the way to go because the Panasonic Toughbooks seem to hold their value a little better and as a result they cost more.

I think this old Gobook cost someone well over 4k new, and I would not be surprised to find out it was originally owned by Uncle Sam. I say that because Itronix is owned by General Dynamics and GD is a big time defense contractor. These laptops were designed to go into the field with GI Joe.

The carrying handle is also pretty well thought out, too. I can use it to slant the keyboard for easier typing and I can use the handle in a vehicle to hang the machine from either a window or a steering wheel.

All in all, a pretty good deal for a guy with my life style.

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