Friday, June 25, 2010

Last post for a while.

Have a good weekend. I'll be out of range pretty soon.

One of the guys was telling me about his neighborhood and the problems that go with it.

It makes me very grateful that I have the kind of neighbors that I do.

Then again, I fail to understand why anyone in their senses would live in a city setting when the suburbs are there for about the same money.

Especially a sewer city like Philly.

It makes no sense.

When you have neighbors like I do, life is good. Then again, to a certain extent, good neighbors are often made. People are suspicious and I can see that. But,still you have to work on it. You can often turn a jerk into a good neighbor if you are good about things.

Of course, you may run into a jerk, and when that happens there is nothing to do but either live with it because these days with every criminal having more rights than the victim does, running the guy off is often not an option.

I have heard a couple of horror stories about city life today and it simply makes me damned grateful that I do not have crap like that to deal with.

Thank God almighty I have good neighbors.

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