Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When I recently went through an airport, I had to

go through security.

I havea neck chain that I wear that has a car key, a dogtag and a P-38 can opener on it.

The TSA guy examined it, hesitated for a second, eyed the P-38 and handed it back to me.

This leaves me with a question.

Are we returning to a little common sense? Or did TSA goof up and hire someone that does have a little common sense?

Who knows. It's geetting scary.

A few years back I tried to get a TB test read at a Philly hospital and there was a security guy there and I had to go through a metal detector, etc.

I was denied entrance because of a simple bullet on my key ring.

Not the entire cartridge, just the bullet. It was a harmless inert object.

When I argued, I was had to listen to a "Don't you see, Man? It's a SYMBOL of something, You See?"

I saw, all right. I saw a complete idiot.

It made me think that if I was really chewed up and bleeding all over hell, they wouldn't admit me if I had, for example, a Guns and Roses tattoo.

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