Thursday, June 24, 2010

It looks like I am going to have problems keeping up with the blog in the near future.

I do not say very much about work here, but the job I have has reassigned me to some rather interesting duty which is not open for discussion.

What this means is that I will be spending all if not most of my time out of cell/internet range unless I cough up some serious bucks for some kind of satellite connection.

Friday or Saturday is going to be my last post until I get back home.

I guess I will have to post double or triple when I am home to make up for things and reach my goal of a post a day for at least a year.
For me this has been both a labor of love and a small challenge to wake up knowing that I have until midnight to make a post of some sort.

Like the title says, it is the grumblings of an Old School wayward sailor. I would like to think that I’ve managed to come up with at least a few intelligent things from time to time.

Of course, work comes first and I can honestly say that what I am going to be doing may prove to be important. I hope it is and that my skills are not wasted.

For several years I have mentioned to my employer that I wanted first refusal on any interesting work that came up.

I have said that I don’t care if it is hot, cold, hard, long hours, primitive living or even downright dangerous. If it is interesting, I want first refusal.

I was once asked it I wanted to pitch in and put out an oil well fire. My reply was “YES!” He was kidding, but I was serious.

Anyway, something interesting has come up and I know it is going to be hot, somewhat primitive, and uncomfortable, which I do not really care for, of course. But at least it will be a new experience and another thing to put into my lifetime experience collection.

I have done quite a bit of interesting stuff in my 58 years and as I age I realize there will probably be unfulfilled dreams, which is, I suppose, OK because all the dreams I have had would fill several lifetimes.

As time passes, I realize that a day of physical work leaves me a little sore, something that I never knew as a younger man.

I suppose that is a good thing because it reminds me that time is passing and I really do not have a whole lot left. If I have anything to do, I had better get with the program or not complain about it. I still have plenty of opportunity.

It is a source of pride that at 58 I still have the same sense of adventure that I did as a youngster.

I have been to air shows and realized that quite a few of the men watching the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels are thinking the same thing; I wish I had bigger balls.

I don’t think I have had that problem. I simply wish I had the skills they do.

I’ve done a lot of interesting things from fishing in Alaska, delivering sailboats, living in a tipi in the Rockies to name a few.

Still, I am glad that the company has sent me out on an interesting assignment even though it means pretty rough living for a while.
Wish me luck.

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