Thursday, December 22, 2016

About 1800Z today

I noticed that the largest segment of my readers today were Russian which is fine by me. Anyone is free to read my ramblings.

I am curious at what Russians would see in the murmurings of an old sailor. Then again I am curious at to why ANYONE would be interested in the murmurings of an old sailor. Who knows?

Anyway, if you are Russian I would sure like to know what you find interesting in this blog. Feel free to tell me.

As I write I realize I have offered President Putin the hospitality of my couch if he wants to visit. It has occurred to me that some people mght find that to be some sort of insult. It is not an insult in any way.

It is an offer of hospitality because it is all I have to offer.

Come to think about it, my offer would really give Mr. Putin an opportunity to wipe President Obama's eye.

I can hear Mr. Putin telling President Obama he had to call it an early conference because he had to get to Pittsburgh where he was spending the night on Piccolo's couch.

"He says he has a pretty good bottle of bourbon and he's promised to teach me how to make chili," said Mr. Putin, much to President Obama's shock and horror.

Hey....While we are at it, if Mr. Putin really does want to learn to make chili please give me notice so I can get some good, tough old steer meat and do it right. Some people use nice, tender grass fed Black Angus hamburger and ruin the whole wretched mess.

Anyway I wanted to clarify that by offering Mr. Putin my couch I was in no way trying to insult him. I am simply offering to share what I have with him.


Mr. Putin,

If you read this I am saddened to hear of the death of your ambassador. What a horrible waste of a good life! 

Ambassador types are the people that try and make peace and understanding between nations. Besides being an affront to the Russian people his death is an affront to world peace.

You people in Russia have my condolences for this meaningless death.


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