Saturday, December 31, 2016

I am now up and running

I now have a new ISP, phone and TV which is a pretty good deal because I bundled with one of the companies and got a pretty good deal.

Of course, now there is a major pain in the ass going on because I have to reset and plug in passwords and all of the usual crap that goes with getting things up and running.

This is no biggie to me as you can figure things are up and running however I just had to use my cell phone to log into my email which is a pain. I just reset that so I can use an old fashioned password.

Of course, the next step is the Mrs. wants to make sure everything works. She will call me the new phone from a landline, then her cell. I mentioned she has not tried calling the house from a phone booth yet.

I was hoping she'd take the bait but she didn't. I wanted to see her hop into her car and go looking for an operable phone booth somewhere. It's possible she'd find a blue serge suit in it depending on what Superman is up to now. Superman doesn't have too many places to change these days since the event of the cell phone.

It took me about fifteen minutes to get things up and running. That's not too bad.

Of course I have to go to the old carrier and cancel everything and raise holy hell about things. This is going to be a BIG suck pill because they have things hidden.

When you go into one of their offices they try and shuffle you around and pass the buck. I ought to simply strap on a pistol belt with an old GI holster and an airsoft 1911 in it. It looks just like a GI.45. 

Actually I ought to go wearing a couple of crossed bandoleers carrying an M-4gery like a latter day Pancho Villa but I suppose I'd go to jail for that for some trumped up charge. Someone would SWAT me in an instant.

Well, I am off to cancel one account and listen to them moan and bellyache. When they ask why I am going to say that is for the same reason we elected Donald Trump. They have not paid attention to me.

Actually they have. They have slowly raised their rates because they thought I would not cancel them out of loyalty.

Loyalty is a 2 way street. They have shown no loyalty to me, the customer so I owe them nothing.

Adios. I'm off to pick a fight with my previous provider. 

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