Friday, December 9, 2016

Just ending a slow day

Today will be busy so I will post before I turn in even though it won't be much.

I am going to try and gear down from politics but it will be hard until after 20 January as I see that the Dems are still trying to cheat The Donald out of the Oval Office.

The latest thing I hear is that there is a movement to get President Obama to declassify anything the Russians had to do with fixing the election.

That's funny. First of all the voting machines were not connected to the internet and therefore were unhackable by the Russians. However, I'm fairly certain some of them had been altered to favor Hillary.

Secondly, Obama hates Trump with a passion because he knows Trump will likely destroy his legacy. If he had any inkling of Russian fraud he would have alrady let the cat out of the bag.

Right now I am tired after a long, slow day. I am trying to keep busy now to avoid the cravings for a cigarette, a habit I am trying to break. Staying busy is a good deal for me.

Good night. 

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1 comment:

  1. Obama has no legacy.

    He will be recorded by history in infamy and impotence.

    As our openly "faux president" he is an imposter in leadership, a bigot with a deep racial agenda, a socialist with distain for the constitution and a closet muzzie infiltrator.

    His puppet masters did well to put such a person into power.

    Calling Obama the results of Obama's terms a "legacy" is a level of Orwellian Double-Speak that would let one call a dog-turd on the carpet a "friendly prize."

    Actually we do owe a huge debt to Obama - he has been such a lousy leader that the stranglehold the establishment parties had on the Whitehouse was broken. If Obama had been mediocre he would have been followed by another all talk and no results establishment "creature."

    By being so foul Obama set the stage to cause his puppet masters to lose their unearned and evil control.

    As children have been saying - at least by president Obama being in office we now know what "Mr Hanky's" first name is - Barack....

    Let's also remember that as a black Obama failed you in almost ever possible way, other than free phones. Your life expectancy is less, you are more unemployed and unemployable, and unless you have a job you aren't getting one.

    Remembering that Obama is also half a White person, for you he hates you by calling you racists for existing, and punishes you because you don't produce enough to be given to others under his socialism. You are an undefendable deserving victim, as he even arms the cartels with fast and furious. We yell at Hillary for Benghazi forgetting that ultimately the call was Obama. Do you think is Ambassador Stevens was a Gay Black man Barack would have abandoned one of the "sons he never had?"

    Obama gets the prize - worst ever.