Monday, December 19, 2016

I heard what Michelle Obama said

about Melania Trump the other day on Oprah. I was appalled. Michelle claimed Melania didn't have a good education for the job of FLOTUS.

It is common knowledge that Melania Trump speaks five languages fluently. 

Her native tongue is Slovenian. In addition to this she speaks English, French, German and Serbian. What does Michelle speak other than 'pretty good English'?


It was a pretty good day. I had a deal collapse on me and the company I am doing business with seems to be treating me fairly so I will continue to do business with them.


Sarcasm oozes in my family as you well know. 

One of my siblings came home to her dogs and reported that the dogs behaved themselves but apparently the Russians pooped on the floor of the laundry room.

Yeah. Musta been Russians. Lotta that goin' around these days.


The United States that Tadamichi Kuribayashi explored in the thirties is very much gone. 

Then Captain, later Major General of the Imperial Japanese Army led the defense of Iwo Jima and did one hell of a job. He cost the Marines terrible casualties during the terrible fighting there.

As a young Captain he spent five years in the US and Canada. What stunned him was when his car got a flat tire and he was trying to figure out how to fix it. 

A teenaged farm girl stopped, showed him and had him back on the road in a very few minutes. Kuribayashi was amazed and wondered what the rest of the American population was capable if a teenage girl could fix a car so casually.

That generation is long gone. A pair of healthy American boys the other day had to enlist the help of a 65 year old man (me) to change a simple tire.

I normally don't accept money for things like this but the kids simply offered to pay me so they could stand back and not get dirty.

I told them they were going to do the work and I was there as a teacher and the tuition was $20.

They glumly paid.

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