Friday, December 16, 2016

Here's to a smell I wrote about a few years ago.

 It's the smell of Ben Gay and Icy Hot.

I do not associate these smells with nice neighborhood pick-up football or basketball games.

These smells I associate as being mixed with the aroma of strong coffee being brewed, cigarette smoke, unwashed bodies and the remanants of fried meat hanging in the air with a light touch of both burned and unburned diesel added to it.

Add an occasional waft of good cognac added to the morning coffee and you have it. 

It's the smell that you don't get when you buy a package of fish at the supermarket.

It is, however, the smell that produces the fish you buy at the supermarket.

Commercial fishing is one hell of a hard way to make a living. It is hard on the body and takes young men and makes them old ahead of their time. It is one of the jobs where I hear guys say, "Holy $hit! He's forty years old and still working the deck!"

Anyone forty years old working on deck is one tough old bird.

There are other jobs out there that beat a person up like fishing does but fishing is one I am familiar with.

It's too bad one could not give a package of the odor to good old Suzie Homemaker to let her know where her delightful seafood comes from.

This is one of the smells that people ought to be exposed to as well as the smell of manure and the farms. 

Exposing the idiots out there to where their food, oil, electricity comes from would probably make a lot of naive attitudes change.

I have said that kids should spend their junior year of high school out somewhere getting some life experience before returning to finish things up as a senior and the more I think about it, the more I believe it.

Incidentally, the Junior year should egin about a week after they finish their sophomore year and continue until about a week before they return to finish their senior year. A good fifty weeks, more or less.

One of the few truly wonderfully satisfying feelings I had in my life was coffee while standing on the back deck of a fishing boat followed a good breakfast. Enjoying a Hennessy spiked cup of coffee and a Camel cigarette after a hard night's fishing made life very satisfying.

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