Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I hate procrastination.

The people involved always seem to have time to do everything else except the things they want me to do.

Those things get put off until the last instant and I have been sick and tired of it for some time.

I hate procrastination and for the past while I have been pretty spiteful toward those that procrastinate and expect me to come to the rescue.

The case of the busted washing machine comes to mind. When I refused to put off leaving for work at a normal hour I had to deal with a case of "What am I going to do with the washing machine down?"

Of course, it would have been too easy to suggest they go to a laundromat so I suggested they be very, very careful.

After all, it they have an accident and go to the hospital the doctor is going to see that they do not have clean underwear on and will assume they don't come from a good family and they won't try very hard to save them.

Of course, this is actually a waste of time because nobody seems to understand that this game is going to play itself again in a few weeks.

Every single time the excuse for trying to make me late will change but the game will continue.

This has been going on for years and even though I have played my end the same way people never seem to figure it out. The clutch on my truck gets let out at 0800 and that's the way it is.

Of course, there is almost always wailing and gnashing of teeth but that's just too bad.

The day seems to nbe coming up in a couple of weeks and I am predicting the way it is going to go down.

My guess is that this tragedy that will be thrust upon me to fix before I return to work is the dryer vent that has leaked for months now. A certain someone will not be happy to learn that it will be leaking for another month or so until I get back to it.

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