Saturday, December 31, 2016

I was asked why I closed my account

and the answer didn't stun the clerk I spoke with. He's heard it before and likely will hear it again.

"For the same reason Donald Trump got elected. The powers that be were not paying attention to their customer base," I said.

It is true among the telecommunications companies as well as a lot of other businesses. They don't seem to me to be taking care of their long term customers.

They will offer people off the street a half-price deal that their long term customers are not eligible for. They also jack your rates up as soon as you come off of contract even though you have been on auto-pay the whole contract period.

Customers who simply pay on time like that are valuable. Slowly jacking the rates up is really not good business.

In short, I left my long term ISP and phone supplier because I got tired of the games they started to play when they thought they had me hooked and started taking advantage of my good nature. 

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