Thursday, December 15, 2016

I find that over time I am getting less and less patient

with the stupidity of people.

Yesterday's post about getting a new cell phone was based on the experiences of a couple of years ago and they are being replayed as we speak.

A couple of years ago I wrote them and complained and they apologized and said they wanted to improve the way they do business and here I am again. I have to call Fedex and make arrangements to have something held.

I think from now my out of town address address is going to be 39 degrees, 32 minutes north, 49 degrees 35 minutes west, course 90 degrees, 12 knots.

It seems to be a good address to use because it makes heads explode in some cases, gets attention in other cases. This sifts out the people to the point where I can find someone that gets it and can work with me...of at least think.

People have no clue as to how things work and are getting worse by the day. Electricity comes from a plug in the side of the wall to most people. The don't understand that some engineer is up all night so as to keep the electrical grid up and running so they don't stub their toe at 0300 when they get up to pee.

Every so often the guys that keep things running ought to shut things down for about a week or so just to remind the public that it isn't magic that keeps things going.

Shut the whole thing down and make everyone freeze in the dark for a few days. That applies to everyone. Yes, everyone. The White House, Trump Tower, Graceland, everywhere. Make everyone watch television by candle light is how I like to put it.

It would do the entire country's educational system good.

One thing it would also do is show why us older people call George Washington's white horse white even though it was really light gray. That's because back in the day they only had black and white TV sets and when one saw George on horseback in the news his horse looked white.

Seriously, though. A person's junior year in high school should be spent away from home. City kids should be send to rural areas and vice versa to get a hands on schooling about how everything works. It would serve to create somewhat of an awareness of things that would probably last a person's entire life.

It would very well change the entire national outlook on things in about a single generation and probably stand to show kids to look for opportunity instead of a handout.

It would also serve them in later life to realize that things are not magic and the gas they put in their car or the electricity they use or the meat they buy comes from somewhere.

A year of working in places they only see on Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs would go a long way to smartening the people in our country up a bit.

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