Friday, December 30, 2016

Waaugh! Weight gain! Not good!

I stopped smoking cigarettes about seven weeks ago and have started to gain weight. It sucks as I had fought to get it down and was battling to keep it off.

And yet again the medical people lie to you because they are being self-righteous and know what is good for you... or they think they do.

I had  medico tell me I would just gain a couple of pounds and shed it quickly. What horse shit! I put on a FAST several pounds and have gone on a starvation diet to shed it and it is not dropping off very well at all.

I hate it when people like that lie to you. They know damned good and well that when you stop smoking cigarettes that one's metabolism changes and weight gain is very, very common to those that stop.

Incidentally I have not quit smoking I have stopped smoking. I am not a quitter and have not quit anything in my life. There is a difference.

My plan is to have maybe a drag or two on an annual basis to stay in the ranks of smokers. That is to make sure I do not become a self-righteous imbecile like many reformed smokers do.

I once watched a guy go from about 2 and a half packs of Camel straights to becoming a royal pain in the ass. If you would light up anywhere near him he would announce that he was allergic to cigarette smoke.

Interesting. He sure wasn't when he smoked 2 and a half packs a day.

Anyway I am not a happy camper with my weight gain and I am now going to have to go on an Auschwitz starvation diet of some sort to even break even.

I AM going to have to stop using alcohol in any quantities as it is a source of empty calories. What is interesting is that I dropped off much alcohol because it was a smoking trigger. 

My anger is directed to the medical community for not being 100% truthful over the weight gain issue. Had they been truthful I suppose I could have taken steps to fight this. Now I am playing catch up which is always a big suck pill.

In other news I am getting a new ISP tomorrow and that is a good thing as it will likely be a lot faster. I have a newer laptop I have not put on line yet but will when my new internet service gets going.

Yesterday I put my new smart phone on line the easy way. I did it the easy way. I just handed it off to the Walmart guy and went shopping while he did it.

I made a list of stuff I wanted and he did it in about fifteen minutes while I shopped. It is the only way to fly as I am not too computer savvy...or at least not as good as I should be.

What is astonishing about the new phone is how fast it is on line. 

I admit I have lived my life with a lot of surplus old laptops designed for physical toughness and not speed but it still strikes me as funny the the fastest computer I now own is my telephone.

That's crazy if you ask me.

I suppose that's technology for you, though.  

In other news I got my beard trimmed yesterday which I now have to do regularly when I am home. 

Personally I don't really care if I look like Father Time with my snow beard. Last winter I let if go for a while and while I was waiting to meet someone outside a McDonalds a patron there thought I was a homeless guy and handed me a couple of burgers and a Coke.

Another thing I am going to do today is have my oil changed and install new plugs. I am hitting the 100,000 mile mark on the pickup today or tomorrow and it's time.

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