Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Double post tonight politics and dealing with a chat situation on line

There were several faithless electors this election.
One voted for Trump but voted for Carly Fiona for Veep but we're only covering the actual POTUS candidates here.

Two Republican electors from Texas were faithless to Donald Trump and voted for Kasich and Ron Paul.

One Hawaiian and four Washingtonians were faithless to Hillary Clinton. The Hawaiian voted for Bernie Sanders. Of the four faithless Washingtonians, three voted for Colin Powell and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle.

The irony of the whole thing is that an awful lot of liberals demanded the electors be faithless to Trump and when it was all said and done, Trump lost 2 Electoral votes and Hillary lost five.

I call that a $hit and fall back in it for the liberals.

Personally I find this hilarious.


Leaving politics, let's talk about dealing with people on those chat lines they give you when you buy something on line. 

Those are the experts that help you through. They range between total experts and complete idiots.

I am upgrding my cell phone. The chat person asked why.

I told her the model I have has too small of a keyboard for my clumsy fat fingers and when I texted 88500 Jerry I got a half off pizza coupon instead of being able to go on the Jerry Springer Show.

That got their attention!

I have found that quite often off the wall stuff like that gets the person's attention. If they have half of a brain or more they usually pick up on it and laugh like hell. 

If you can get at least a chuckle out of them they are very well more apt to help you out. Those poor people get more than their fair share of abuse and a wry comment can make their day and put them on your side. It desn't take much.

On the other hand if it goes over their head it's probably better off to stop the conversation then and there and wait until you can chat with someone else.

One other trick I sometimes use is something like this when the chat line gives a female name.

"XYZ specialist Gloria. May I help you?"

"Hiya, Gorgeous! Where ya been all my life?"

If they give a friendly answer like "Waiting for you! What can I do for you?" You will likely get something done. If you get a stick in the mud answer, you are probably in for someone that can't really think very well. Bail out now and find someone else.

 I got interrupted with the first person and had to open chat again. This person asked me what I needed the phone for.

I explained that I was a merchant seaman and needed it for porn at sea and to arrange for hookers, blow and whiskey to meet me on the dock when I got off for crew change.

Whoever it was on the other end was pretty amused and proved to be very helpful. I do believe that many of these people have some certain authority to pass on deals because the person that helped me gave me one hell of a deal.

On the other hand I have had people just drop me and end the conversation then and there. Actually that's generally a pretty good deal because that kind of person is generally unlikely to be very helpful.

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