Thursday, December 1, 2016

You have to take things for what they are.

I drew a comment about my luck with finding people from my past.

I have also tracked down a person that was not directly a part of my past.

My most interesting track-down was several years ago when I learned of a relative that was KIA in the Pacific fighting during WW2.

It is a good thing I decided to dig around about him when I did because most of the people I contacted are now dead and gone.

It was interesting and time consuming to say the least.

I did have lunch with a guy that hit the beach twice with my relative. Once at Saipan where he was wounded by concussion and again at Iwo where he was killed.

I also had long phone conversations with two other guys that were with him on Iwo. It was an interesting track-down and it led me to a whole little culture of WW2 guys including one of the sons of one of the dead that has been the secretary of a group for years.

It will not be long until my turn comes up and I will be buried alongside the people of my parent's generation. I will be buried at sea.

When that happens I will have fully evolved into a soldier because at that point I will have achieved anonymity. 

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