Saturday, December 17, 2016

To those of you that have steeled me with the truth, thank you.

To those of you that have lied to me as a feeble attempt to protect me from myself go f*** yourselves.

Thanks you goes to the small handful of long time reformed smokers that have told me that the urge to smoke is not going to go away and that I simply have to get used to it. This is doubly true to the two people that told me the urge is going to get a LOT worse before it is going to get any easier.

To those of you that lied to me and told me that I'd be over it after a few days, go straight to hell. Your lies did me no favors and weakened me. Thank God a couple of people stood up and steeled me with the truth. They told me I would never be out of the woods. I can live with that.

I get sick and tired of people that lie to me to achieve a result. I figure the liars didn't give a damn about Piccolo and just considered him to be part of their agenda to create a smoke free world. Go to hell.

It is and always has been an individual choice and really a right for a person to smoke or not smoke. I get sick and tired of all the do-gooders out there trying to force their values on other people. I have half a mind to carry a nice cigar with me to light up and blow in their faces just to pi$$ them off.

To those of you that steeled me with the truth and helped strengthen my resolve, a warm Thank You is in order.

Another thing, I truly hate people that try and save me from myself. It generally brings a knee jerk reaction from me.

Here's a sample of what I mean.

People that try and save me from myself will be the death of me yet.

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