Monday, August 9, 2010

Greetings from Mobile, Ala by damned bama.

For the first time since the bastards left me stuck in Oklahoma City as a young GI, I had a decent flight on Delta.

I do not like that airline very much.

One time when they announced yet ANOTHER delay, I groaned within earshot of the stewardess and she tried to get me thrown off the flight. I ate a lot of humble pie and got to stay on.

Instead of making an issue out of a basic, fairly quite groan, she could have said "I know how you feel. I'd like to get home myself." and that would have ended it.

I mentioned this to an older stewardess today and she told me it was a case of 2 things; a power hungry little chickie and poor training.

The old stewardess snickered and told me that she was careful, as the law of gravity says that everything that goes up must come down.

I confessed to the older stewardess that when I was getting off the plane I got my pound of flesh.

I told the little chickie that she was rude, ignorant, poorly trained and that if she was MY grand daughter, I would have taken her over my knee and given her a good old fashioned spanking.

Everyone within earshot laughed out loud and she was humiliated.

One of the things about getting older is that there really isn't much a younger person can say when they get told they deserve an old fashioned spanking.

Besides, what was she going to do? Throw me off the plane that had just landed at the end of my trip?

Believe it or not, the older stewardess laughed out loud and told me that she wished she could have seen the look on the schoolgirl's face.

Obviously threatening to spank someone is a threat, but telling someone they deservee a spanking is something that is pretty humiliating and there really is nothing the person can say about it.

It's a pretty good weapon for an old man to add to his bag of tricks.

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