Saturday, August 28, 2010

It pays to adverrtise

About a week ago I was at sea and bored. I went to a website I visit regularly and found a thread written by a guy hat had just bought a spendy bottle of booze and found he didn't like it.

Of course, I told him to give it to me.

He offered it to me, but I found out he lived about 3000 miles away.

I was bummed.

Then I started a tongue in cheek thread griping about how it seemed that every freebie that came up was from someone that lived in Outer Mongolia and when were some of the locals going to offer me a freebie.

Igot a couple of tongue in cheek offers from people all over the place, and one local.

The local asked me where I was and I told him I was posting from Mobile, Alabama.

He said he wouldn't drive all the way to Mobile, so i pointed out I would be home in a couple of days and sent him an IM with my phone number.

Son of a witch! He calleand told me to meet him at a local mall and then he handed me a bottle of single malt scotch! The good stuff. On top of that, ther was an excellent cigar to go with it!

It pays to advertise!

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