Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There is a law regarding light bulbs that decrees

that the harder it is to replace, the shorter the bulb life will be.

I just replace the bulb in the bedroom overhead about a month ago and this morning when I snapped on the switch, there was a flash and a 'poink' as the bulb gave up the ghost.

Oh, well. Time to get a step ladder and mess with it,

Yesterday I went to my local get anything store for a tube of caulk and a real head-turner shuffled by.

The 16 year ofd kid next to me blew my mind. He looked at her and said to me, "Hey, Mac, check out the gams on that tomato."

He must have been watching AMC classics or something, but the part that scares me is that he probably thought the movie he saw was made when I was a kid. Truth is it was made when my FATHER was young, as even in the 60s the line was passe. I figure it was a 30s or 40s line and I am not really that old. I'm a child of the late 50s and 60s.

A couple of years ago I think I inadvertantly started a short lived fad among the local high school kids when I decided to wear my hair like I did in junior high school. I went looking for Dixie Peach pomade and went with Murrays pomade instead and combed my hair into a Joe '56 jellyroll and duck's ass.

Then I put on jeans and rolled a cuff up to expose engineer boots and rolled a pack of Luckies into the sleeve of a white T-shirt just for the hell of it. I did this for a couple of days.

Two youngsters stopped me and asked what I put in my hair to get it to stay that way and I told them. What I DIDN'T tell them was the only way to get that crap out of your hair was with WD-40.

A couple of days later I started seeing a number of high school students dressed like 50s Rexall Rangers hanging out and I laughed like hell. They had it all down to a T.

I had only told what to use in their hair and I figure they either watched a couple of older 50s movies or looked stuff up on the web.

It lasted for a short while and I guess things returned to normal.

Now, it should be carefully noted that the kids were not following the style set by their parents. They were following a style set by their grandparents.

Still, it was pretty funny.

Of course, I am still smarting from yeaterdays little episode. I am not old enough to have said "Check out the gams on that tomato".

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