Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am watching an old movie.

It is 'Bathing Beauties' with Red Skelton and Esther Williams.

It came out in 1944, during WW2.

There is a scene in it where Red Skelton wearing a pink tutu and dancing with a group of ballerinas. Of course, it is a comedy and there is a candy wrapper that gets stuck to him and he passes it on to another dancer but it eventually comes around to him in the end.

I wasn't paying attention to the candy wrapper, I was paying attention to Red Skelton dancing with ballerinas.

He pulled it off wonderfully.

What talent!

Just to make sure you readers are not thinking I am reminiscing and am stuck on the old days, I think you guys ought to think that another scene that came out of Hollywood that I admire is Cheech Marin wrestling against the Invisible Man.

Still, I wish there were more people like Red around.

His sign off line was "Good bye, and God bless."

What a genuinely neat guy.

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