Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm listening to a CD someone gave me almost a

year ago.

I have never been one to chase technology and I gave up on new mediums right after cassettes came out. When everyone changed from that to CDs I decided I had had enough of having to go out and buy a new music library.

Anyway, I just got the combat laptop set up so it can play CDs and DVDs and it's acceptable, as I have no need for a huge, 800 watts per channel stereo system.

The CD was a favor sent to me by an old high school classmate. She was the one that set up reunion 40, which I was at sea for and missed.

All of it is music ala 1969.

She has my thanks, it's a pretty nice CD.

It also sounds pretty good on the combat laptop.

Which leads to another interesting question.

A couple of years ago I made a set of headphones to show some kid how we did things back in the old days. I made them out of magnets, wire, a coathanger and a couple of tuna cans. I wonder it the puny laptop produces enough ooomph to drive them.

It will be a perverse meeting of Old School and new technology.

I might dig them up and find out.

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