Sunday, August 22, 2010

This tour is almost over and I guess things are

looking up.

One of the things I did today was I upgraded the combat laptop with a few little goodies I got off of eBay. My sister sniped me a busted laptop of the same model I have now for about twenty bucks.

I want to add a bit of memory to this one, so I found a busted laptop with that, a bathool handle, a stylus an external antenna, a speaker. I also want the CD/ROM to send to someone in exchange for directions on installing the speaker.

I decided that buying a busted up laptop and stripping the parts from it would be a whole lot better and cheaper than chasing down all the parts ala carte.

Hell, the bat hook handle I wanted alone is running $45 plus another $14 for shipping. I can't seem to find the speaker anywhere and the memory is about $25 used.

Sometimes you have to think a little in order to get ahead.

Over the years I have bought things just for the parts because sometimes it is cheaper.

Some time ago I was asked to fix a lamp for my late Mother-in-law and when I totaled all the parts up, it was cheaper to buy a brand new lamp and take it apart for parts.

Now, I didn't want to let her know I did it this way because she would want to know why I bought an entire lamp to fix hers with so I brought the lamp home and took it apart and brought the parts over to her house and fixed her lamp with it.

Truth was, it was cheaper to buy the lamp than the parts ala carte.

Same holds true with the laptop, which is why I did it that way.

One other thing. I'll now be able to take a laptop apart and figure out how it works, and that's also good for something.

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