Monday, August 23, 2010

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Now I am fed up with the Christian side.

It seems that some preacher in Gainsville Florida has just taken a world class stupid pill and is sponsering a book burning.

The book he wants to publicly burn is the Koran.

Fine. I wish I was the Gainsville DA because this is another case of someone taking a stupid pill and probably getting ready to hide behind the constitution when something happens.

Of course, there have been a number of threats made by various members of the Muslim faith and that is to be expected. If there was a bible burning somewhere you can bet your ass there would be threats from Christians, so there is nothing to be surprised about.

I also think there are enough nutjobs out there so that bombing the church is a real possibility.

Of course, if someone does bomb the church for having a Koran burning I will simply attribute it to someone playing a stupid game and winning a stupid prize.

But what I fear is that about, say 1500 miles from Gainsville some Muslim nutjob is going to decide to avenge the book burning.

This mental midget will walk into the 8:30 mass at St. Jumping Jehosphat's Church of the Bleeding Sacred Heart and right during the middle of the sermon Father McGillicuddy is giving and sit down laden with explosives.

Father McGillicuddy will be right in the middle of a sermon deploring the book burning and the lack of tolorance shown to the Muslim community and right about then there will be a loud roar and when the authorities arrive they will figure out the number of victims using the artillerymans rule of thumb; they will add up all the arms and legs and divide by four.

There will be a hue and cry. People will lash out at the Muslim community. They will look for someone to prosecute and they will find out that the idiot that caused this havoc is presently stuck to the last standing wall of the church and has to be removed with a putty knife; there will be nobody to prosecute.

Riots are likely to break out and the rift will grow a whole lot deeper.

Meanwhile the church people in Gainsville will still have their church intact and it will be a lot like the liberals that like to spend everyone elses money.

The Gainsville church starts it and someone else pays for it.

If the Gainsville people would just shut the hell up and leave these people alone instead of trying to start trouble, we'd all be better off.

Then again, if I was the DA of Gainsville and the Gainsville church got hit, well...Maybe I'd investigate.

I'd make sure I would give it the proper priority.

As soon as we found out who the person or persons that TP'd Old Man Harrison's house last Halloween, I'd put a man on the investigation.

I do not have a whole llot of patience with stupidity.

Then again, there are people in this world that seem to make a career of starting trouble. They always want to start a fight. I wish they would simply stick their head up their ass and fight for fresh air.

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