Monday, August 2, 2010

I just finished digging the stumps of two trees out

this afternoon and it was an interesting project.

Most people would cringe at theway I removed it; I used a chain saw and 4 sacrificial chains, all of which are resharpenable for a low price of sittin on my ass with a file.

I dug out a little and came in at an angle and cut the roots as best I could and then it became "Fighting Seabees" time, which means I tore the srump out with a nylon strap and a pickup truck.

The reason I call it "Fighting Seabees" time is because Neighbor Bob and I consider the movie of that name to be a First Class Second World War propaganda film. One of the Duke's guys hops in a bulldozer and pushes a Japanese tank off of a cliff. The camera zooms in and we get to see a couple of fat Mexicans dressed as Japanese soldiers in thick glasses and buck teeth ride a rolling tank down a cliff side.

The movie is hokey, and when we do something as cro magnon as tear a stump out with a chainsaw and a pickup, we grin and it is inevitible that one or the other of us says "Fighting Seabees time".

We got both stumps out and nobody got hurt, and that is a good deal.

I was going to write a long entry tonight, but I just got a call from the neighbor on the side opposite of Neighbor Bob and I have been invited to a first class dinner of a filet mignon grilled and I'm outta here.

Good night.

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