Saturday, August 7, 2010

I asked another youngster to marry me today.

She flustered and immediately snapped "NO!"

I gave her a look of relief and said, "Thank God for that!Now I don't have to call off another wedding."

She looked perplexed.

I smirked."Everry time I ask someone and she accepts, I have to call off the wedding."

She took the bait. "Why is that?" she asked.

"Because I would never even consider marrying anyone stupid enough to marry me," I responded.

She didn't get it, but the woman about 6 or 7 years older than me in line did.

She laughed her ass off and chided me for picking on young kids.

When you get a chuckle out of an old lady, it's a pretty good day.

As for the kid?

She'll figure it out.

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