Monday, August 16, 2010

More stupidity from low places.

A while back, Neighbor Bob and I were disposing of the mother lode of fireworks. We had some pretty good ones that I do not know where they came from and don't want to know. If I did know, I certainly would not post it here.

Anyway, we were in a rather out of the way place grinning like a pair of idiots and blowing huge divots out of the grass and enjoying the fun that goes with such simple minded activity.

This means we were behaving like a pair of middle aged men, which in turn means we were acting like children which is par golf for the male sex. Men do not really grow up. It's a sham we put on to keep women off of our asses.

Anyway, some female Birkenstock shod braided armpitted do-gooder carrying a hemp bag og granola barscomes up out of nowhere and starts in on us about how we were setting a poor example for children, which is a joke because we had purchased the damned fireworks from a kid to begin with.

Now, buying anything from a kid is dangerous to begin with because the kid can always act like he was the purchaser and skate off leaving the old guy holding the bag.

I'll bet there are more than one middle aged men languishing in jail somewhere after being convicted of selling narcotics to children when in fact they were buying them from the kid up the street.

Anyway, the little do gooder demanded we cease and desist immediately under a threat that she would call the police.

Bob responded by cranking off a cherry bomb about five feet away.

I offered her my cell phone and handed Bob another cherry bomy, which he cheerfully lit.

She refused my cell phone and pulled hers out and promptly called the police.

I removed my T-shirt while she was engaged in conversation and covered the license plate of Bob's pickup, and when the freshly lit cherry bomb blew up, we both hopped into the pickup and drove off, leaving her to deaal with the police when they arrived.

Police arrival time in that town is quick and they probably arrived in aa very short time, but of course, we were gone when they got there.

I would imagine the officer listened to her blither on and on and gave her tea and sympathy and took a report of some kind that he threw away at the end of his watch.

I find it pretty hard to believe that a cop would make a concerted effort of any sort to try and round up a couple of old men that were setting off fireworks in the middle of nowhere.

He was probably more annoyed with the do-gooder that heard them off in the distance and took it upon herself to go and find the fiendish culprits that were.

In fact, if it was one of the cops I know, he very well MIGHT make the concerted effort to find us so he could score on some pretty good cherry bombs.

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